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Princely Courts in the Netherlands

Princely courts of Prinsenhoven are a somewhat special category among dutch royal buildings. They are not palaces, but they were seats for the Princes of Orange while staying in the town where the Prinsenhof was located. Sometimes, they were abbeys or other religious buildings that were taken over, like the Prinsenhof in Delft and in Groningen and Haarlem. Others were built in strategically important towns, like the fortified towns of Willemstad and Hellevoetsluis.
Some of the Prinsenhoven have disappeared, like the ones in Alkmaar and Enkhuizen. All of them have different functions, like a museum or a town hall. You can see all of them from the road side or from the historical gardens that surround them. By clicking on the pictures below you can enter special sites or pages on the buildings.

Prinsenhof Delft
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Princenhuis Hellevoetsluis
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Prinsenhof Roermond
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Prinsenhof Groningen
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statholderly palace Leeuwarden
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Prinsenhof Amsterdam
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Prinsenhof or Mauritshuis Willemstad
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Het Loo, Apeldoorn
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